Eliminating foot deformities



  • In the United States, there are 20-25 million diabetic patients.
  • Ill-fitting shoe-gear can lead to catastrophic outcomes and even death.
  • Many children around the world are at risk of developing preventable pedal injuries.
  • Careful management of diabetes, proper foot inspection and proper footwear can lower one’s risk of lower limb amputation.


  1. Diabetic patients have the highest risk factor for lower limb amputation worldwide.
  2. Each year, 110,000 individuals undergo limb amputation.
  • Toe amputation = 32%
  • Foot & Ankle = 10%
  • Below the Knee = 23%
  • Above the Knee = 16%


  • The foot should be measured at least twice a year for adequate fitting for adults and children.
  • Wearing shoes can help prevent long-term physical injuries and loss of productivity. Type your paragraph here.

What does a pair of shoes mean?

  • Optimum health
  • Performance
  • Dignity
  • Self–respect
  • Fashion statement