Eliminating foot deformities.

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Our Mission

Together we can make strides to ensure that Diabetics and

Non-Diabetics have proper footwear to prevent lower limb amputation!   

Footwear For The World depends on the generosity of benefactors who care to make a difference in the world. We welcome contributions from individuals as well as from corporations to help us provide education about foot health and social development services to underprivileged people in the United States and around the world. Thanks for helping us raise funds.

The foot is the foundation of the entire body.  If the foot is unstable, it leads to mal-alignment of the super-structure or upper-body.  In my practice as a Podiatrist, I have seen ill fitted shoe-gear in adults as well as in small children that has resulted in pedal deformities, which in turn has lead to foot pain, inactivity, and decrease in productivity.

In the United States, there are 20-25 million diabetic patients.  Ill fitting shoe gear can lead to catastrophic disasters in those individuals, and as a Podiatrist, I am passionate about preventing these foot injuries and foot deformities.  My goals are to eliminate pedal deformities caused by ill fitting shoe wear, and prevent foot infection.

The foot should be measured at least twice a year for adequate fitting for adults and children.  Unfortunately, this concept does not apply to other parts of the world where there is lack of access to podiatric care and proper footwear.

This is why Footwear For The World was founded to promote foot health and social development of underprivileged people and diabetics in the United States and around the world. The organization educates individuals about the importance of wearing proper footwear. We also provide fitted foot gear to individuals who cannot afford any, in order to help them avoid life altering injuries that can easily be prevented. 

We welcome contribution from individuals as well as from corporations to help us  provide these services to diabetics and individuals who are less fortunate.

Douglas. E Campbell, DPM
Founder & President
Footwear For The World

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Our Vision

Our mission is to involve, educate, and unite people in order to spread our passion of proper foot care. Our aim is to prevent pedal injury by providing proper foot care and shoes; and to reduce costs for Americans as well as people in other countries, by promoting the awareness of getting feet properly checked and shoes properly fitted. 
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